'The Grunge' is the opposite of Dutch campaign companies such as Loesje or Sire, who try to influence society in a positive way. The Grunge is the opposite of that, they want to make a fuss, to shock people. The intention of this poster was to stimulate a discussion between men and women and to show that there is, and must be, a difference between them. The statement was allowed to be as shocking as possible. Just as an exercise to see how far you can go as a designer and how much influence a campaign like this would actually have on a society. That said, I would like to state that I & my study program absolutely do not support this statement, it's existence is purely for experimental reasons.
To see what people thought, we showed the poster to people on the street. The reactions were 'terrible', 'worrying', 'this must be a joke'. The posters were also hung in different places, but the next day they were all torn from the walls. And that was exactly the response I was hoping for.
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