For this assignment, a cover had to be designed for the Dutch Tank Museum Overloon. The designs had to have well thought trough concepts, which would raise questions for the viewer, and make them think. "A Look on Steel" by Michiel de Ruijter is about the development of tanks & their deployment in the first and second world war.
"Surpass your imagination, take a look at steel and experience the colossal superiority of the tank on all of us" The titel of the book is interpreted in a sentence that also includes the a Dutch saying: 'werp een blik op...' which is unfortunately not really translatable.
This concept tells about the ascendancy of the tank, what a powerful weapon it is and has been in all wars since WO1. The text not only attracts but also intrigues the reader because it directly appeals to the person. It wants you to realise the ascendancy of a tank, to set your imagination aside and encourage you to realise the real sensation of the tank at the Dutch Tank Museum Overloon.
Many people today have a wrong view of war, they think it's  'bold' and 'exciting'. Partly because of all the films, video games and toys, we almost see war as entertainment. The awareness of the seriousness of war is weakening, people see it through pink glasses. The text on the back makes the person realize this and encourages him or her to come and experience the reality of war at the Dutch Tank Museum Overloon.
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